one problem after another, random restarts, freezing, blue screens. please help!!

PLEASE HELP. Im hopeless without you experts, i know its long but i didnt want to leave anything out for a correct diagnoses

K for best results im going to tell my whole story. Ive been using yahoo answers but i noticed this site has a lot more usefull people. So someone just lent me theyre desktop to use. Ive had it for about 3 weeks so far. 1st day i loaded windows xp on it. It worked very good for about 2 days. All i used it for is to play an online game. During those first few days only problem i was having was it kept randomly shutting off only while i was gaming, besides that the computer was really smooth and fast. Then one morning i turned it on and it got a blue screen because of a corrupted file. So i used recovery console and got xp running again but when it started, a few programs i installed had vanished . Then was running perfect once again and stopped shutting off during games. But then it started getting blue screens on almost every restart. I just kept using the recovery cd until about the fourth blue screen. The disc this time wasnt fixing it so had to reinstall xp. Now the pc was running pretty good again but some really bizarre problems were comin up in my game . When a game starts it has a loading screen that goes from 0% - 100%, but My pc was loading each progress bar backwards??!! And read -0% to -1000%. Also a specific projectile in the game always had a flashy like tracer behind it which never normally does. And the last thing was when each team chooses their character, one player chose his character but the small picture of his character didnt show it just had a little x in the corner. Im listing the in game problems because im almost positive it has to do with whatever hardware problem i have. Today i checked how it would run since i just reinstalled xp 2 days ago. But now, unlike the last installation, the pcs running crazy slow. Any program i open takes quite a while to open and even just clicking start takes like 15 seconds before the menu pops up. Its nothing like the last installation. And seems to be getting worse because i was just on it and opened chrome and it completely froze for the first time ever to where i had to shut it off by the power button. And when it freezes, the hard disk led on the front of the case is on without flashing, just on and steady. So i tried starting in safe mode and after it fully started up i was in safe mode for about 30 seconds until it randomly shut off, which hasnt happen for weeks and used to only happen in games. Then i restarted back into safe mode and it shut off again. Also i forgot to mention, ever since i got the pc theres always been times where i turn the pc on and no video shows up on the monitor, and its always seemed to be completely at random. Id keep messin with the plugs till it would start and displayed video. Then a minute ago i noticed when i put in my second ram stick (now total of two sticks, 3gbs) and booted it didnt display anything. So i took it back out and booted and it did display. But ive ran the the pc with each stick alone for hours and never had problems so i dont think either stick is bad. Im thinking i maybe just needed to reset cmos, because when i reinstalled xp i only had one ram stick in, but when it was running so crazy slow is when i tried putting the other stick in. Also whn i pull out both sticks and boot, theres no beeps, isnt it supposed to beep?

So i detailed this story the best i could in hope of getting someone to understand what my issue is. And to help narrow it down, i talked to the person who lent me the pc and he said hes always got blue screens too on some start ups. And he was using vista with a different hd ( his was a sata, and im now using a ide). He was also using a different gpu. So only thing im thinkin it could be is the motherboard or cpu. What peice of hardware can cause so many issues: corrupting windows, programs dissapearing, random shut offs, freezing, no video display when powered, bizarre manipulations in games. The weirdest part to me is how i start having a new issue randomly that i didnt have a few days ago, like the freezing. Its like the issues come and go at random. Windows hasnt corrupted so far since the reinstall either.

Board- asus m2v-mx se

Cpu - amd 64 athlon x2

3 gbs ram - 2gb 1stchoicememory and 1gb ocz

Gpu- geforce 8400gs

Psu - cheifmax 650watt

Hd- Western digital 120 gb ide

Im begging for help, and thanks in advance
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  1. Ok i just saw in the event log after the random shut downs it says " the device,\device\hardisk0\D, has a bad block". K now is the answer now to my issue is a failing drive? Or is other faulty hardware still possible? Because i did slave this disk in another pc and used software to test it and it came back ok
  2. I had my system running slow after a fresh install, but when I manually reinstalled my motherboard drivers and my display drivers, it was back to normal. As for you blue screen, personally, when I see a blue screen pop out it usually means that something is overheating (cpu or gpu) I would check and make sure all your power cables are plugged in properly, put some new thermal paste on your cpu (and gpu if you know how) then make sure you have firmly attached your cpu fan, sometimes it can feel tightly in place but it wasn't all the way down, make sure it is really locked in place!
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