is 100% CPU usage during gaming bad for cpu???

currently my rig is :-

intel core 2 duo e7500 2.93ghz

4gigs of ram

geforce 210

intel dg41rq

450watts psu

i'm fed up of gaming at lower resolutions and lower settings (who isn't LOL) and going to buy a sapphire radeon hd 7750 to play games on 720p at acceptable settings .i will play some cpu oriented games like crysis 3 ,bf3 ,bf4 (on med settings ) .i know that my cpu will bottleneck this graphic card and it will let the cpu usage to be at 100%....i was wondering that- will a 100% cpu usage cause some game lags or will be harmful for my cpu ???will this results in game lags computer is situated in a cool ac room and currently cpu tempps remain between 30-50 degree and cpu usage (with currently installed geforce 210) remains 48-50% during heavy gaming hours at low settings ..will this new graphic card be harmful to my cpu
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  1. Your CPU will be fine at those temps. Usage won't kill the CPU, heat and boosted voltage (overclocking) can.

    Also don't be so sure the E7500 will be the bottleneck. Even at 1280x720, that ALL depends the game and detail settings.

    Take a look below, recently we paired a Radeon HD 7970 with E8400 in newer games (a horribly unbalanced and un-recommended pairing), and in some rare situations the big GPU was the limiting factor. The 7750 is nice for the money, and a far better match for your CPU, but it will still limit your playable settings.,3487.html

    Edit: BTW, the latest patch helps, but don't expect a very good Crysis 3 experience.
  2. well i know that crysis 3 looks good even on lowest settings .so i think good frame rates on 720p monitor with low settings on crysis 3...i think my rig would be able to handle .what do you think ???i'm not expecting anything much than this ....not anything less than this .what do you think about my expectation
  3. Look at my Crysis 3 testing in that review. I tested lowest, medium and very high. Dual-cores will struggle in the more demanding areas (like we test), even at the lowest details. Other parts of the game will run much better, but expect slow downs. And yes, low details do look very good in this game. I like to show people low details and ask what they think of C3, then boost things up after telling them those were the lowest settings. :p

    However, we're seeing significant improvements in CPU-limited areas with the latest game patch. But I haven't gone back to see how well E8400 and G1610 handle the game now.
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