PC no boot no video 1 long beep 1 short beep

Hi everyone,

Went to use my PC and the screen was black yet pc appeared to be on, fans lights etc. On reboot, there is one longish beep and one short beep. I have AMI Bios, but cannot find what they mean anywhere?
Graphics card ok as tested in another pc.
What else could it be?
Many thanks
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  1. Weird! Left my PC on for a bit, in its unbooted broken state, powered off and when I powered it back on, it booted up with just a single beep! Dry joint somewhere maybe. Thanks for all your responses guys ;-)
  2. Might check the case for dust, reseat the DRAM and all the power connections, just to be sure, something like what happened may be indicating an upcoming PSU failure or be the result of the cleaning/tightening I mentioned
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