GTX 770 + fx-8350 or HD 7950 Dual-X + i7 3770k

Hi, I'm going to get a new PC build in around a week and my budget is around 1350€.
As I read on some forums GTX 770 is smoother than 7950 but 7950 can be overclocked like a beast, reaching in some cases 7970 and 770 performance. I won't mind taking intel+nvidia because of my budget, it would be really expensive for me. So I wondered FX-8350 would bottleneck GTX 770, but I'm not sure at all, and i7 3770k would be a good choice but I'm not sure if HD 7950 would...

I will use my 60Hz PC mainly for gaming, but 3dsmax and some autocad too.

These are my most probable choices, considering that prices are much more higher in Spain and I can't buy from Newegg:


Which is worth more or what would you change? Thank you so much to all the replies!
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  1. Intel with 7950 anyday - the i7 destroys the FX-8350.

    However, I wouldn't bother with the i7. A 3570k with a 7950 would be fine.

    I'm voting "other".
  2. Well, I would go for FX-8350 and gtx 770, You really wont notice a big diffrence in gaming with Fx and i7. Gtx 770 is better than Gtx 680 and cheaper, and later on just add another gtx 770. And the FX wont bottleneck the gtx 770.
  3. You won't need the i7 unless you do other more CPU intensive tasks. The 3570k is a good fit or even a 3350P.
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