disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter. Help Please! !

I just turned on my computer and I have a black screen that reads disk boot failuure, insert system disk and press enter. I don't have a disk? I have no idea what it's talking about and I don't know that much about computers. I have a HP Windows XP AthlonX2 64 AMD Media Center PC m7334n , those are what all the stickers on front of my computer read.Can anyone help??? What do I need to do????
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  1. Normally it means your HDD has failed. But check to see if you left a non-bootable disk in the drive... or a usb stick in one of the ports.
  2. there were no disks in the drive, and we've unplugged everything from USB ports. We unplug and replug the computer in, and its still saying the same error message. It's also making a clicking sound. Any ideas on what it could be?
  3. The clicking noise could be the read/write heads in the HDD trying to find the boot sector. Another indication the drive died. You could google for some 'remedies', but it may be too late.
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