New gaming rig...need advice on motherboard

So i've been saving up for a new rig for quite a while now and I think its finally time to pull the trigger. So far here is what it looks like:

Processor: i7 4770k
Ram: 8GB x 2 of 1600mhz Corsair Vengeance
Power: Corsair 760AX
Hard Drive (SSD): 250GB Samsung 840

MOTHERBOARD - Here is where I need your help. I am curious to know what makes motherboards different (performance wise, not just how many slots they have) and I welcome suggestions to specific models that can support the hardware listed above.

I guess its fairly obviously that I havent been keeping up to date with computer technology and dont really understand the difference between say a Gigagbyte Z87 UD4H ($180 at microcenter) vs. Asus Z87 (anywhere from $149-$260). I guess the pricing difference between two separate companies is understandable, but whats the difference between all the Asus boards? Over $100 difference for boards that look identical except for their names.
Anywho, this is where I am in need of your help. Nearly all the other parts i'm pretty well decided on, but cant for the life of me settle on a motherboard...what do ya'll think? Open to all comments and suggestions.

Thanks for the help guys, I can't wait to *finally* have 30+FPS
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  1. Generally lets say with Asus, go to Newegg, and look at the 1150 mobos, then cut it down to Asus, then sort my price high to low, start at maybe about a $130 mobo, and on that one and each of the next four above it, check the compare box under the image of it, then click compare. This will pop up a screen with the 5 you selected and their features, as the prices go up you'll see things from low to high like them adding a PCI-E 3 slot, or a couple of SATA ports, or USB ports, maybe a better sound chipset, or whatever, it often subtle change, but they kick the price up $20 or so
  2. get a MSI-GD65(180-190$) mobo which is great for gaming and O.C ing and if u want some good board within 130-140$, then go for the MSI-G43.
    Otherwise if have budget above 200$, then get one of these:

    The cheaper asus boards within 130-140$ are overpriced.
  3. Of the brands I think you were on track w/ Asus or GigaByte and I tend to throw ASRock in the mix, MSI I'd stay away from. I quit building on them a few years back and still get calls from people who have ordered them and gotten DOA's or mobos fail within the first 3 months or so, I'm just very leery of them
  4. Asus is also a good brand if u can spend that much money and get the best from it
  5. For simple bang for the buck, I go ASRock, that's what I use for my own rigs, though it wasn't one you had mentioned
  6. bro..just let the man decide who would buy..asus and msi are more good brands than Asrock
  7. Asus yes, MSI no, the Rock passed MSI in sales back in 2010/2011 and MSI sales continue to decline ever since, the Rock continues to rise. Since they broke away from Asus, quality of components, support and and general QC (quality control) has continued to rise...I see and hear of more MSIs arriving DOA than any two of the big 3 put together, and failures down the road, far more MSI than other - which is why I don't touch MSI for new builds
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