Which GPU is better: Gainward GeForce GTX650 Ti 1GB or Gigabyte AMD (ATI) Radeon HD 7770 1GB?

Maybe you know a better one in this price range?
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  1. the 650ti is the better one.But with around 20-30$ more you get a massive performance increase in the 650ti boost which nvidia released in between march and april.
  2. if you have the extra $20 get the 650Ti Boost and for another $20 you can get the 2GB version
  3. GTX650 Ti by miles. But like people say, the Boost is hugely superior still (around 40% faster on average).
  4. You could always check into the 7790, provides more performance than the 7770, and it looks like it is going to be used in the next series of consoles, so you could probably get away with running console graphics settings for a while in this next generation.
  5. A stock speed GTX 650 Ti's performance basically equal to the performance of a stock speed Radeon HD 7790. Therefore, the HD 7790 is the GTX 650 Ti's direct competitor.
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