7970 ghz edition 3gb or gtx 770 2gb

Give me a reason NOT to get this. newegg has the sapphire 7970 ghz Vapor-x w/ 4 games for $349.99 AR. I was looking at the gtx 770 and these cards seem like you can't go wrong with either one. 7970 comes with 3gb vRam and higher bus width than the 770. Those 2 features are whats aiming me towards the 7970 with the new games coming out if they require more vRam. I feel like the physX is not important and i don't plan on SLI or Crossfire. I have a 27'' 2560x1440 monitor

For $349.99 AR w/ 4 games (i will most likely sell because i wont play those). the 770 is $50 more but the 2gb vRam is whats drawing me back. I know the 4gb are out but for an extra $100, not in my territory. Give me a reason NOT to get the 7970

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  1. if you are going to use dual gpu configurations go for a 7970 physx is not the factor at all.Most graphically intensive games don't support physx.In the future if you plan to do eyefinity or surround in the 3gb 7970 is definitely a good choice other than the usual 2 gb 770 sli.On eyefinity you want playable frame rates not that crap of a physx in which nvidia says the enabling of physics.But it is a joy to play games in eyefinity
  2. subhadeep082012-1331288 said:
    if you are going to use dual gpu configurations go for a 7970

    7970 vs 770 is a tough choice and one can argue both ways, but recommending the 7970 for a dual gpu build? seriously?

    the 7970 is a good card and a good deal, especially if considering the nice game bundle. it has enough power to play pretty much every game at least on high at 1440p. and since you don't plan to crossfire, there's really not much reason to decide against the 7970 :)
  3. I was just about to purchase the sapphire 7970 ghz vapor-x for $349.99 AR but i thought about crossfiring the 7950? The price difference would be about $50 more if decide to crossfire the 7950 and this would give me more vRam. I currently don't have a gpu. This is my first gaming rig. decisions..decisions

    asus p8z77 v-pro
    intel core i5 3570k 3.4ghz
    1 TB HDD
    120 ssd
    850w rosewill xtreme series
    corsair 600T
  4. Damn I just saw the deal on newegg for the 7970 Vapor X and I was coming here to ask the exact same question! :)

    But in my case, I'll be gaming on a 1920X1080 resolution... Only thing that worries me about the 7970 is if I'd have any issues running it on a 650W XFX XXX edition psu?

    I know I won't be doing sli or crossfire, and to be honest from the reviews I saw on both gpu there's not such a big difference in terms of performance... I don't know what to do!!! :P
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