How to upgrade from winxp home edition to win8.

Hi there,

I bought a pc with win8 preinstalled and now there seems to be a problem with it, i have tried time and time again to reinstall from the disc but that too seems to have problem and won't complete the instalation.

I got so fed up with it i reformatted the drive and installed my old winxp home edition which works fine but the geforce graphics card won't work now and i've tried to download the drivers but it crashes windows completly.

Should the graphics card work and if so why not?

Is there a way i can upgrade from winxp to win8 online as i have already bought it once and have the keycode already.

Any advice would be a massive help.

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  1. no, theres no such thing as "upgrading online"

    if you havent registerd your windows 8 key online already, then u could download untouched windows 8, burn it to a bootable disc, and install it, when it asks for a key, enter yours.
    try diffrent drivers for ur gpu, older ones maybe, make sure you download the right ones for ur os and gpu.
  2. If you reformated the drive, you will need to get an OEM Windows 8 disk, probably from the PC vendor, and use the Windows 8 code (which may or may not be on the computer) to reload it. If there is no key on the case, you need to contact the PC vendor support to get it.
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