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HELP!! my PC keeps crashing when playing games ?

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June 24, 2013 7:37:51 AM

I have a great PC for gaming it has a Core 2 Due 2.93GHz and a 4GB ram memory and 1GB msi 430GT graphic card Nvidia
I recently formatted it and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (like it was before formatting) and installed every thing including the latest graphic card driver
But when I run Resident Evil 6 after 5 minutes the PC crashes I mean the screen goes black and it gets stuck (the PC) tell I restart it twice cuz in the first time it gets stuck after I write the password (loging in) even a game like need for speed most wanted after 5 minutes and every single game does
I even tried installing a previous graphic card driver but no hope
I should say that I didn't have this problem before formatting it all of the games ran perfectly I even downloaded MSI afterburner to see the graphic card's performance and it showed me that every thing is good except the top two see this link :

so please help me

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June 24, 2013 8:32:28 AM

Textfield said:
First off, you don't have a great PC for gaming. It's actually very low-end. The Core 2 Duos are starting to become very outdated; an i3, considered low-end today, would blow right past one. Your 4 gigs of RAM are also a bit lacking for a gaming machine (typically 8) and the GT 430 was considered an entry-level card several years ago.

Your video card could actually be overheating, though. Open up your computer and attack the whole system with some dust-off. Then turn on your computer and check that the video card fan turns on and runs properly. An overheating video card would be the most likely culprit.

Also, MSI Afterburner isn't actually showing you that anything's good. Afterburner is an overclocking/performance tweaking tool. It's currently reporting everything it knows about your video card, and it doesn't know the voltage or power limit. That doesn't mean there's a problem, though: your video card might just not have sensors for it.

What would be a problem would be overheating, but Afterburner isn't showing you temperature. Just follow my advice on cleaning out your computer and checking for proper operation of the video card's fans.

I'm going to buy an i5 processor and a DDR3 ram memory soon but I did say that I didn't have this problem before formatting the PC so I'm guessing it's an installation or a software issue but your the experts so I'm going to wait for your suggestions :mouais:  and I placed the image link to tell you that before formatting the PC I could control the power limit meter