Can I crossfire graphic cards of different brands?

I already have a gigabyte 7970 and im planning to buy an 7990 now and maybe another one 7990 after some months. I'll buy ASUS VI EXTREME motherboard but im not sure if the gigabyte card will be ok with asus motherboard. The asus 7990 is undoubtedly more expensive and i would like to know if there is any difference between same model graphix but made by other manufacturers in order to buy a the gigabyte one then. I need some answers quickly plz because ill buy the card tomorrow.
P.S. I dont know what PSU would be the best for such crossfiring, can u recommend one?
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  1. ty for help bros ;)
  2. Yes you can. So long as they are the same chipset.

    For example:

    7970 is not the same as 7970 GHz Edition

    Some brands may offer better warranties. Some card models offer better coolers on them so they run quieter and cooler. Sapphire is a popular AMD card maker. Gigabyte is good and offers both nVidia and AMD cards.

    There is a Sapphire 7970 GHz Edition for $369 @ right now.

    What resolution will you be playing at? Wondering whether you need two cards or not.
  3. Here are a couple solid options for high quality Crossfire Capable Power Supplies:

    Antec High Current Gamer 750W $100

    EVGA SuperNova 750W $90
  4. wait, ill buy other two 7990s, not 7970. i already got a 7970.
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