Microsoft Offering ISO For Windows 8.1 Preview Too

There may be an USO for dual-boot Preview testing.

Microsoft Offering ISO For Windows 8.1 Preview Too : Read more
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  1. Good to hear!!!!!!!!!
  2. Is explorer.exe updated to fully support file paths longer than 255 characters in length?
    Does it not lie about, for instance, a 1TB drive being 931GB when it really means 931GiB? Get your units straight Microsoft
  3. Still moaning about calculation of gigabits using binary? That is soooooooo 90's
  4. Still moaning about calculation of gigabits using binary? That is soooooooo 90's
  5. Microsoft is actually the one who accurately displays drive size, talk to the drive manufacturers who sell you a 931GB harddrive as a 1TB harddrive. 1KB is 1024bytes, not 1,000, a MB is 1024KB not 1000KB, as the drive manufacturers would have you believe.
  6. Files are all backed up. System image created. I am all ready for 8.1 tomorrow!
  7. Does the start button actually allow a cascading and multi-level amount of applications able to be organized into categories? I've got 60 apps installed right now and DEMAND an easy way to navigate them with ONE click. Win7 even sucks in that you can't create folders of applications, it's just one stupid long list. Vista had a much better start menu.
  8. Why test in dual-boot? If something happens to your bootup, both versions may be effected and beyond a fixboot. I've tested MS products since Office 95 and I have never let a test / preview come close to a live system. Even setting up a network access was a cautionary delay.
    How can you compare speed and accuracy by accessing only one version at a time? For somebody who wants lab rats, MS seems hellbent on providing a closed maze.
    I really hope this ISO will permit a true side-by-side 2-machine different account setup. Unless of course, MS doesn't really want our help.
  9. I really like Windows 8, overall, but i have retracted my stance on the Start Screen, as it amounts to Microsoft taking options away instead of expanding upon them. If you, too, like Windows 8 save for Metro, just download Classic Shell, and you can have the advantages of booting straight to desktop, disabling the hot corners, and gaining a Start menu back( and you can choose styles reminiscent of 95/98/ME, 2000/XP, or Vista/7)
    Give it a shot, its free, and pretty awesome.
  10. Microsoft designed & developed windows 8 thinking about tablets and other handheld devices. They should understand the difference between a tablet and a computer. By this time it should be clear to Microsoft that a user does not want to use a tablet mimicking computer for their daily chores. Hope Microsoft understands this before they come up with another dissappointment.
  11. Created a new outlook email account and downloaded the ISOs for both 64bit and 32bit. Was given a product key along with it. Tried to install on blank systems.
    The 32bit with 1GB RAM on a Gateway kept giving me an error; numbers referring to a corrupted registry. But the drive was first wiped clean!? I suspect the download was bad. Will get a fresh copy and retry.
    The 64bit with 2GB RAM on a Dell installed without any problems.
    I wonder if I can use the same product key on both systems when I get the two running.

    P.S. First note - "Start button" is a scam. It's just the Metro Tile button anchored to the toolbar and a Shutdown feature added. No menu available yet. I still needed to add a Programs toolbar to get a Program menu.
    At this rate, Julie Larson-Green will have no problem taking over Steve Ballmer's job by the fall. Ballmer needs to step down due to chronic hearing loss.
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