Will the ram work with board? Already ordered :(


My case arrives tomorrow and then I will be building. I just realized my ram is a different speed than what the motherboard is set up for. Will I have to change something in the bios? If I just use the ram will it auto adjust to 1600?

My first time building a custom pc myself. Very nervous/excited. Can't believe I missed the ram speeds.
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  1. You're fine, just use the motherboard settings to set the XMP profile so you're actually running at 1866, otherwise you just paid for 1866 and will run at 1600 since the CPU's memory controller is set for 1333/1600. That's actually great RAM you chose.

    On a different subject, several OC forums are stating that Haswell may have ended the 212 EVO's reign as cooler of choice for getting a decent OC. You can try it out, or go with something like Noctua D14 or Thermalright Silver Arrow which are popular alternatives.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Interesting about the cooler. Guess that's the risk I take when buying a newly released cpu. I'll install what I have. I won't be trying to OC for awhile. Guess I'll find out then. Would be my first time Overclocking so I don't plan on trying to get extreme speeds. Just a little boost.
  3. I've read that Haswell doesn't OC as well or as easily as Ivy Bridge so the EVO may do the job anyhow depending on how much you try to get out of it.

    This may help...
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