Gaming headset, which one should i buy?

Hello, i am looking to get a good gaming headset, that also performs well using it in other areas such as movies and music, preferably with a great bass, i want to point out i am NOT interested in audiophile headphones such as sennheiser so please do not make a suggestion on these kind of headphones, i currently have these options, which one should i buy? if you have better suggestions for about the same price range please tell me:

Razer Carcharias
Steelseries Siberia V2
Logitech g35

these are the ones i'm most interested in, which one should i choose?
again if you have any other suggestions of a good gaming headset i'm open to them, as long as they are in the price range.
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  1. I would say if you have the money go for the G35. It has great bass thats not hollow or artificial, it cancels noise very, very well. It can be worn for long periods easily but is slightly on the heavier side. The 10 foot cable is very helpful and the 7.1 surround is very nice and well developed.
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