Help in choosing a monitor?

I'm looking for a 23 - 24 inch monitor for use in movie watching, some light coding and maybe some light gaming in the future.

The Dell Ultrasharp line looked really interesting because I use a Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP at my work. But these monitors bought new are much too expensive for me.

I have found a local used Dell Ultrasharp 2407WFP for $200. And a Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP on eBay for $230.

My question is: would it be worth it to buy an used monitor such as the ones listed above or buy a new monitor that is TN panel?

Price range would be up to $250, and I live in Canada. I'm open to all suggestions!
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    144Hertz (hz)
    Adjustable, etc
    Great for Movie/Gaming/EVERYTHING!
    If you don't need the Full 144hz, lower it to 120/100hz!
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    Definitely stick with a IPS monitor. I just looked on newegg and the site has the Dell U2312HM for $233.
  3. I found my monitor!!! An honorable mention to envy14tpe. Dell Canada is having a sale on Ultrasharp U2312HM, now for $219.99 for anyone interested!

    Thanks everyone for the responses!
  4. I've got an Ultrasharp and love it. Great quality and very flexible (stand moves in many ways).

    Sorry, missed that you are in Canada. but if it's on sale in US probably in Canada too.
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