New Build: 7950 Boost vs gtx760

I hold up a month before buying my new rig to check out the gtx 700 series. I've been interested with buying the sapphire 7950 boost but after seeing the gtx 760, i'm having second thoughts. Should I get the 7950 Boost or the 760? By the way, I will overclock a bit if thats a factor. Also I have a 3570k that I will OC to 4.4ghz, will this psu suffice?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Oh boy, GTX 760 is a tiny little bit slower than GTX 670 and GTX 670 is equally strong or in some scenarios, better than HD 7950. GTX 760 is priced at $250 and 7950 is priced around $300 so definitely get the GTX 760, it's better bang for your buck. Yes a 500w PSU is sufficient.
  2. Hmm ok, well another question, someone told me that the 7950 oc'd can be close to 680 levels!!! Is that true??
  3. Close to a non OC'd 680 maybe. GTX 680 is compared to the 7970. 7950 would be better for multiple monitor setup.
    I've had a Gigabyte 7950 then I sold it and got a Gigabyte 670. I was never happy with AMD's drivers. 670 gave me 10 fps more in BF3 then 7950 did. Both are great cards and is capable of maxing out anything on 1920x1080. 7950 has better price/ performance compared to GTX 670 or 680.
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