Will my geforce 9800GTX 512mb be too much for my atx 500w PSU

Will my new graphics card run in my pc a common question no doubt, and i have read around and i cant figure it out. The computer was built by a friend of mine and i'm hoping to boost it up a bit on the cheap. Ive doubled its ram and bought a geforce 9800GTX 512mb and i'm now not sure my PSU can run it.

Comp Stats.
Windows 7Home Premium
Intel dual core 2.4 Ghz
casecom atx500w
8gb ddr dual channel
asus p5b
current Graphics card
GeForce 8600gt

So anyone out there got the answers. Also new card didnt have the power cable needed which one do i need?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. 500W is way overkill for that.

    What are you trying to accomplish with this system? Seein gas the 9800 is ancient.
  2. Well im hoping to play battlefield 3 games and more of that ilk i imagine this card to only run them on low settings but i'm on a budget for now and couldn't find better that would fit on my old rig. If there is better for the £30 i payed for that one i am keen to know, or if i truly can upgrade this rig to have a great card but i assumed it was to old to (built in 2005) to put a top spec card in. Its kind of a stop gap till i can build a new one.

    What power cable do i need?6pin to 4pin?

    The psu from what i could see 12v only had 17 amp and i read that i need 30-40 though i freely admit im new to this.

    Thanks for any further help.
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