System dose not reach Win 8 Login Screen if GPU provides the primary monitor

Hey Guys,

My computer has been apart for two weeks with RMAs and other replacements so I turn to you like I should have a while ago. I will include system Specs at the end.

My computer (Pre-RMA) had a problem one day. The system froze when playing Mass Effect 2. After a reboot the computer would load windows but freeze before or slightly after the login screen. So annoyed I tried many of the standard fixes (also to be listed below). When none of that worked I tried something weird, because the system would boot if I used the integrated graphics I used that to power the primary display and the graphics cards to run the secondary monitors. The system booted like normal.

So any idea what is going on? The last part kinda threw me for a loop.

Attempted Fixes:
- Switching card locations
- removing drivers
- removing cards (using discrete graphics)
- Booting to safe mode (was possible with gpus)
- restoring windows
- RMA mobo
- Memory Test

i5 3750K
16 GB G-skill sniper ram (4x4Gb)
2x Sapphire HD 7850 1GB OC edition GPUs
Intel SSD 320 series (Primary Disc)
3x WD 1TB hard drives
2x Asus 23 inch monitors
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  1. well it came down to needing to completely strip the drivers and go from scratch. This included deleting the Registry keys. Also I needed to update from Catalyst 13.4 to Beta 13.6.

    It may have also been caused by the desktop iGPU activation.
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