A Roundup of GTX 760 Cards From Different Manufacturers

We've made a large table of most of the GTX 760 cards that have been launched, listing their clock speeds, memory speeds and special features.

A Roundup of GTX 760 Cards From Different Manufacturers : Read more
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  1. MSI GTX 760 Gaming has Twin Frozr IV, not III.
  2. The pricing is wrong on this article. Factory overclocked ones are $260 and 4GB is $280.
  3. 1152 cores. Seems odd that they are not going to float a ti card of something with 1344 cores as they did with the 670.

    There's quite a gap between the 760 and the 770 both price wise and performance wise.
  4. At the end of the day you are going to get the cheapest one and overclock it yourself. :D
  5. All cars are NOT created equal so "overclocking yaself" is a crap shoot. Different coolers, different VRM's, different PCBs all effect overclocking potential. Miss the days when THG used to report on VRM and PCB design.,2858.html
  6. wow, with all those cards, and sure more to come - how can someone possibly decide which one to get over any other...????
  7. When I first discovered the OEM GTX 660, somehow I knew it wouldn't be the last time I would see the GK104 with a 1152/96/32 config. Really nothing surprising, because the increased clock would give it make its texture rate a lot closer to the 660 Ti than the 660.

    I'm kinda surprised that the 760 would outpace the 660 Ti in BF3 simply because of the 670/680 grade 256-bit memory. Even with 192 less stream processors.
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