Asus Z87-PRO or ASRock Z87 Extreme6


I am building a system on Intel i7-4770k and I'm not sure what motherboard to choose. I plan to overclock it to about 4.8GHz and also make a home-made water cooling system.

The CPU is already bought, it's from batch L308B202 (I hope to be lucky with it).
Also, I have these:
- DDR3 Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB 2133MHz CL11 (2x8GB)
- SSD Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB

I read this review,3524-31.html
and I like more the ASRock board (dual Gigabit - useful for me, 600 ohm headphone support, mini-PCIe).
For now I will stay with the integrated GPU, and ASRock has more shared video memory (1792 MB) than Asus (1024 MB).

But I'm not sure if the ASRock board in overclock would be as stable like the Asus board. What would be your recommendation?

Thank you very much.
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  1. I'd go with the Rock, have built a lot of them and no real problems, all seem to OC well, run cool, and are reasonable price wise. I use the Rock for my own personal and business builds also
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