Barnes & Noble No Longer Making Tablets In-House

To reduce costs, an external ODM will make Nook-based tablets.

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  1. Someone needs to clue B&N in; a large part of the reason their most serious eBook competitor is more well-known is because they send their devices to sites like Tomshardware to get reviewed. B&N clearly doesn't do that, and so we hear about how great the new Kindle is, and the Nook gets short shrift in the online press. The Nooks are every bit as good as the Kindles, even better, but B&N is mostly just getting the word to B&N customers.

    Oh, and what's up with the prices of eBooks? Supposedly the deal that fixed those prices has been quashed, but we still can't buy eBooks form B&N at the same discount we can regular books? This has actually cost B&N eBook purchases from me (as well as me having returned the Nook I had because even though I liked it my B&N member discount meant I paid MORE for eBooks than hard copies - wtf?).

    I'm frankly sick of the whole mess, and what has been getting most of my business the last year has been the local library. I'm not an Amazon fan, I'm just waiting until the prices get right so I can start buying eBooks, and, if B&N will just figure it out, they can get my book money.
  2. The story of the Nook HD+ demise ought to be a case study in Business Schools. A quality product which a very limited ecosystem , just like their rival Amazon and their Kindle Fire HD. Unfortunately, when management acknowledged the need for access to the Google Play Store and granted it, unfortunately "the die was already cast." Now it's being sold at below market prices, and has as much access to various media as any tablet on the market. Such poor initial marketing doomed it in such a competitive environment. It's a shame.
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