PS4's Orbis OS Heavily Based on FreeBSD

The second-generation development kit has spilled the beans... or OS in this case.

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  1. This is great news! I love FreeBSD, but the lack of a good AMD driver for newer video cards seriously hurts implementation for things like HTPC, etc. This has the potential for two good outcomes:

    1. Sony/AMD contribute back to the BSD community, allowing the drivers to work well with the base OS

    2. Developers take up more interest in FreeBSD, making a good OS even better for desktop use.
  2. we all remember well the PS3 downgrade when linux could no longer be installed.
  3. I bet there will be some way to boot the PS4 and XB1 OS's on each others respective hardware. They are so similar... Perhaps could even boot Windows on both of them.
  4. @Computerguy: Xbone's already running a Windows kernel. And no, it must have SecureBoot and other stuff, i'm pretty sure.
  5. To me, this doesn't come as a surprise. The software listing in the PS3's acknowledgements says the PS3's OS was based on FreeBSD.
  6. Windows doesn't run from a kernel...
  7. Windows absolutely uses a kernel.
  8. condorxiii said:
    Windows doesn't run from a kernel...

    A kernel is an integral part of every OS.
  9. wow freeBSD still exists?
  10. FreeBSD is a great OS.. In its core version, FreeBSD is the most stable OS out there.. And FreeBSD has the best File System to date, XFS, the most Secure and Reliable file system today..

    One disadvantage of FreeBSD is its much slower than other OS.. See Phoronix for Benchmarks..
  11. condorxiii said:
    Windows doesn't run from a kernel...

    Of course it does, the NT kernel. Currently version 6.2, if i'm not wrong.
  12. condorxiii said:
    Windows doesn't run from a kernel...

    Go to the corner, you are not allowed to talk about this again.
  13. This has been known for a while. Sony keeps Apple company in the FreeBSD corner. Google is the Linux champion. And Microsoft keeps its standard high with the NT kernel.
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