P4C800E Deluxe "lost" drivers

I lost 3 hard drives in a row, and in the process I lost some mobo drivers. I downloaded all the XP drivers from a Torrent site, but I have no idea what the "USB3" driver on my thumb drive is, or any of the others, and I can't find a site that tells me what they are. Help.
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  1. http://support.asus.com/download.aspx?SLanguage=en&m=P4P800-E%20Deluxe&os=17

    Here is the download page for all the drivers. Why did you go to a torrent site? All the information you need can be found in the downloadable handbook. If you have any other questions you can PM me or post it on this thread.
  2. A tech adviser said to download ALL the XP drivers to be sure, so I did. I'm still missing the multimedia audio driver and the Ethernet controller. From the ASUS site, I've had problems "updating" my missing drivers (with the yellow question marks), and I'm still not sure after 4 months of fighting with this, exactly which items I need to reload, and how. I think loading the drivers onto my flash drive is the best way to go (from this laptop, via the ASUS site). My mobo came with Realtek '97 Audio on board, but I guess it can up-grade to SoundMAX alright? I don't have clue if the Ethernet driver is a LAN or IDE driver. If it's an IDE driver, which one? I built Frank(enstein) from a pup, and this is his fourth incarnation, but in 12 years of running XP Pro on him, I've never had so many problems. I'm not really a tech-head, and I've gotten as much harmful "tech support" as good.
    Lead this idiot by the hand, a little more and the big black box might live again.
    Stupid question number two: My 500GB removable USB2 WD HD needs to be wiped clean, for a number of reasons, including two corrupted downloads of Win XP on it. I know there must be an easy way to do it, but what is it? I think (dangerous I know) it would be a total re-format of it. Is there a better (different) way? Thanks!
  3. Delete all the drivers you have downloaded from the unreliable site.

    1) You may even want to reinstall XP. Then use my link. Download and install all drivers for XP (be sure XP is the selected os in the dropdown). ALL OF THEM. Now you should be fine. DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY OTHER DRIVERS FROM OTHER SITES.

    2) If it is usb, then you should ( I have not used xp recently) just right click it in "my computer". Then choose format and you should format it to full capacity and I think a FAT partition
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