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So I am planning on getting a better graphics card, my problem is that I don't know if my computer can hold one. Heres why:

1. I have an integrated ATI Radeon HD 4200.

2. I don't know which one will fix the bottleneck with my Athlon Quadcore 3.2 gHz

Please help. Thanks.
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  1. You'd be fine with an entry level card, 7750, 7770, 650 ti. I wouldn't go much higher than that though because of your CPU.
  2. Thanks man. Also what would I do when I get one of those GPU's. I hear you have to edit the bios and I also hear that sometimes the games use your main one or something like that.
  3. No, you don't do anything in the BIO's, your putting it in the PCI lane, hooking it up to your PSU, booting up and installing drivers.
    Which reminds me, do you have a good PSU? You could get away with a little 450w, but a 550w would be ideal. I'll just link you my two favorites right away. (check Amazon for these, newegg runs out a lot, and I think they're cheaper there)
  4. Ahh true, I will search for these on ebay due to the fact that I don't own anything on newegg so I guess im better off. Thanks so much man.
  5. Ahh, that reminds me, I have an hp pavilion p7-1003w and I need a gfx card that fits a PCI Express x16 and does the second psu you sent me work for that case? Remember the GPU can't bottleneck the cpu
  6. it looks like an atx size case, so a standard PSU will work with it.
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