Using an Xbox 360 Controller with PC Games? How Disadvantageous is it?

So I've been a PC gamer for little over 6 months now, after spending almost 5 years on Xbox 360. I have been using mouse and keyboard ever since starting PC gaming, using high quality Razer peripherals too. However, I am finding that in FPS games in particular, the mouse and keyboard just isn't suiting me. I play game after game, and it just seems like other PC players have the aiming of a god, and they isntantly lock onto me and kill me before I even see them. Whilst I'm not a bad player as such (I always have positive K:D's), I just find the keyboard and mouse somewhat uncomfortable and hard to use. One thing I miss from console gaming is the ability to sit back on a sofa and relax with a big TV. With PC gaming I am hunched over a desk, and I find using a monitor and keyboard/mouse gets pretty uncomfortable quickly. I am thinking about using a controller again, through connecting it to my PC. However, I see so many PC gamers online who slate the controller, and claim it is of huge disadvantage. Today I played a bit of BO:2 and while the controller did feel weird and edgy after not using it for months, i actually found my accuracy was far superior to my keyboard and mouse. I actually think that a controller with a low sensitivity is better in terms of accuracy compared to a 'twitchy' keyboard and mouse with high sensitivity, in my opinion. However, I still can't make a decision as to what method to use. I really want to hook my TV up to my PC and play sitting on a sofa again with controller, but then part of me is saying that keyboard and mouse should be better... Help!
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  1. Its really all in opinion. I prefer to have fast, snap action movements that I can only get with a mouse, but I know people really like their controllers for better overall control. For most Fps's its really what ever suits you best, for any other games stick to mouse.
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