Will the fans still spin continuously if my cpu is dead?

So the question is will the fans still spin continuously if my cpu is dead? I've checked my mobo and it's working fine.
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  1. yes if the cpu has died and the board is getting power and will power on all the fans will get power from the board headers or molex, but obviously the computer wont boot lol could be wrong as it may not even power up but havent dealt with a dead cpu b4 they normally dont just die lol
  2. oh its a newly built computer, and the fan, it just spins for a split second and stops do you still think it's cause the cpu is dead?
  3. is this a new cpu or an old one? if it's a new one did you ensure that it is supported by your mobo?

    As for your original question, yes the fans would spin like "lazy" said. The system wont boot, but the fans on the heat sink and other headers would spin. you can also enter a spin stop-loop. A spin-stop loop is often indicative of a compatibility issue (in my experience).
  4. ah your response beat my post :)...what are your system's components?
  5. Oh, well I have an -amd fx 6300 cpu- and a -m5a78l- m lx plus-. I think they are both compatible am I right?
  6. full specs are
    Case: Antec vsk-4000E
    Mobo: Asus M5A 78L-M LX PLUS
    Ram:Corsair 4gb 1333mhz
    CPU: Amd fx 6300
    Hard Drive:seagate barracuda 7200.12 320 gb
    PSU:ATX0300D5WB model its max 300w
    dvd drive: Model DH- 16w1s13c
  7. Yes this seems like an issue with BIOS level cpu support.
    referring to : http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M5A78LM_LX/#support_CPU
    the native BIOS version is 0205. 6300 is supported with the 1401 version. If you have an old AM3 cpu, you'll need to place that in the socket and update your BIOS to the relevant version (you can probably take the cpu to a local shop/store and have them do it for you??).

    good luck
  8. Is this possible if the screen doesn't even turn on?!?!?! or do you do this by entering into the mobo? instead of the whole system it self. Sorry but i don't know if i make since because im new to all this stuff :P.
  9. Jeffrey, that is the best way to learn stuff. Yes you can do it by yourself but I would still advise you to thoroughly go through the numerous online guides and videos available. Don't go through the 5 minutes videos, rather take some time and go through the ones which are proper installation guides.

    google the stuff. If you have any problem locating the proper ones, let us know and we'll help you out the best way we can.

    good luck
  10. Okay, thank you soooooo much for your help i was just about ready to go return this cpu.
  11. yes the screen wont turn on in case the cpu is not initialized by the BIOS.
  12. Download the latest bios u need from the motherboards download page, either up to the one u need or higher as long as its not a beta bios, and download the update. The board comes with a utility to update i think its in the AI Suite if that board has it, should be called asus updater or something or its a bios dos based update with EZ flash 2.0 - http://www.asus.com/999/html/events/mb/ezflash.htm i think is the utility or throw the update on a usb drive and reset the pc and there should be a button combo the push during post and if u cant find it there should be a flash update section in the bios that should work.

    That board has a crashfree bios that even if u corrupt the bios it can be restored without ruining the board or returning it, a fairly easy task if it cant be broken lol
  13. do not thank me yet....we've still not zero'ed in on the problem :), although the highest probability is a need for a BIOS update.
  14. well it is 2am in the morning, as soon as i wake up tommorrow i will watch videos until noon and hopefully try to update the bios. thanks for now

  15. See you (It's afternoon in my part of the world, so I may not be able to answer some questions when you are working up to your speed). Keep us posted :)
  16. Jeffrey, I hope you've considered the fact that H61 chip set boards were originally designed for second gen core i series cpus and they also need a BIOS update to support a 3rd gen core i cpu like the one you've ordered. Though chances are that the board will come with an updated BIOS, do call up Canada Computers and ask them about compatibility.

    Otherwise, you'll end up in a compatibility issue similar to the AMD platform that you had ordered earlier.

    All the best
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