MSI AMD Radeon 7750 2GB DDR3 overclocking.

I recently got this card and first thing I thought of was overclocking.

I have already overclocked my core from 800 to 875 and memory from 800 to 900.
When I tried to push the memory further I got to 930 but then my screen was full of green artifacts and a few seconds later the AMD driver restarted.

Also my temperature is 55-60 and the card is perfectly stable.

I want to get help how to push this further(if it is possible). Right now when i saw other posts I thought I was a coward. Any help would be appreciated :)
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  1. Your temps are under load or at idle.
  2. Assassination said:
    Your temps are under load or at idle.
    Under load.
  3. I Have the same graphics card i put it on to the overclock that u did when it was stable for u....Mine was stable at first but after a while i get major lag spikes so i had to reset it
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