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A few weeks ago, my graphics card started acting up. The computer would boot up fine, but after the windows logo the monitor said "No DVI input" and turns black. The windows startup sound would still play, however, and the logon sound would play if I typed my password and pressed enter. After a few restarts, the card completely broke so I RMA'd it, and now I'm sitting here with a new one. The problem persisted, and after booting into safe mode and uninstalling my video drivers, I could boot normally. However, installing the drivers again still caused the monitor to lose input at the logon screen. I reinstalled Windows 7, but I still have the problem. Sometimes I can get in, but the screen turns black within 10 minutes or so. A couple of times, the screen has even turned black in safe mode. And sometimes, the mobo splash screen doesn't even show up. I'm hesitant to RMA the video card again, do you guys have any suggestions to fix the problem? I've tried removing both of my RAM sticks, one at a time also. I have a GeForce GTX 560ti and an ASRock Z77.
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  1. Have you tried installing older drivers? the 320.18 are known to be faulty. Roll back to the 314.22 i've heard that those are still stable
  2. haider95 said:
    Have you tried installing older drivers? the 320.18 are known to be faulty. Roll back to the 314.22 i've heard that those are still stable

    The drivers I'm using are the 320.49. Do you think I should still try to roll back to 314.22?
  3. If you have ever used 320.18 in the past there is a slight chance that those may have busted your GPU. Clean all drivers off of your HDD and download driver cleaner pro and remove all traces of old drivers. When the PC asks you to reboot do so and boot in safe mode. When in safe mode run driver cleaner pro again and then install the 314.22 drivers and see if that helps
  4. I went ahead and tried installing those older drivers and it didn't help. This is a fresh gpu; I RMA'd the old one so this has only ever run 320.49 and I just tried 314.22. On one of the restarts, I was able to log in but I just saw a flash of the desktop before the monitor lost input again. I just boot into safe mode and Windows told me it had bluescreened. Here's the link to the dump.
  5. Hmm my apologies, but I have no idea how to examine dump files. What PSU are you using? Doesn't point towards the PSU but there's a slight probability. Might even be a Monitor issue. Can you perhaps test the GPU in another PC?
  6. I'm using a Cooler Master 650W power supply. I just checked and my BIOS says that its 12v rail is running between 11.1 and 11.3V. Could this be the problem?
  7. So now, when I turn the computer on, there will be absolutely no input to the monitor. Sometimes, the monitor will exit sleep mode but immediately say no input and go back to sleep. The fans all spin and the leds light up, and sometimes the computer will reboot itself. Is this pointing to a failing psu?
  8. Don't suppose you can monitor temps? I think that the manufacturers never bothered to repair the card and just sent it back to you :/ you should try and get a replacement.
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