Zotac Launches GT 630 Zone Edition, GT 640 GDDR5 GPUs has reported that the budget oriented Zotac GT 630 Zone edition and Zotac GT 640 GPUs will feature Nvidia’s GK208-301 “Kepler” core.

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  1. I call BS. We haven't gotten into GK2xx numbering yet at all.
  2. lol,,, must be BS when it is on wiki and NVidia office website
  3. that much for those cards yea right
  4. AMD obviously has better offerings in this price range. As far as both performance for the price and energy consumption.
  5. how is a GK108 asic called Fermi?
    edit: gt630 is a fermi gpu iirc, not kepler. the asic codenames should be double-checked.
  6. 64bit GDD5? ouch
  7. I got an Asus GT640 with the GK208 64-bit DDR5 on order, should arrive tomorrow! I know they are realy :) hopefully I will be posting a review on here.

  8. why would you buy a GT 640 for 136$ when GeForce GTX 650 2GB Superclocked is only 140$ and the GeForce GTX 650 Ti SSC 2GB is only 150$ (they had discounts just recently...) and if you can pay a bit more get GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST Superclocked for 170$'s a very nice card for that price and it's mid will do the job on medium for most games with atleast 30FPS...
  9. This is retarded. My OEM GT 640 GDDR5, the original one, which was a GTX 650 with lower clocks, trashes this new GT 640 DDR5. Half the bandwidth?? Are you kidding me? Who would buy this over a GTX 650? I just gained a whole lot of gratitude for my GT 640 GDDR5 and how much better it is compared to this.
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