Can someone please give me an idea what is wrong?

I have built my own gaming computer from scratch. That was about 2 years ago when I was addictied to Flight Simulator X. I got rid of all my flight stuff as I got bored of it, but I kept all my gaming computer. Recently, I've got back into it and wish to start playing it again as soon as possible. I have asked a question about me getting a new graphics card which I have ordered to cope with Flight Simulator X (this is twice as powerful as my old Graphics Card). Today, I wiped my computer clean and re-installed Windows 7 64 Bit on my 120GB SSD and put all my other picture and douments on my HDD 500GB 7200rpm. After setting it all up and finally coming out of the BIOS menu, I noticed something strange. It said Inside Case Temperature was 48degrees and the CPU Temperature was a very high 89degrees. I don't know what is causing it to be so high... I have a Sharktoon T9 Case with 3 built in fans, and I even have a Artic Cooler Freezer Pro 7 on my i5-2500K. What can this be, need new fans, new case, problem with some hardware? I always change my Thermal Paste every other month (e.g. Jan, Mar, May, July etc) with Artic MX-5 Thermal Paste. Can someone please tell me why it's so hot in there.... My fionce thinks it will blow up when I put my new graphics card in or maybe we could even cook a chicken?

Also, can I just ask whilst I am here... When I very first got my SSD about a year ago (just out of warrenty) it was booting my computer in less than 10 seconds. Now, even when I wipe it completly and re-install Windows, it take like 2-5mins depending on how it feels... What might be causing this.

If anyone needs to know all my computer specs, please find them below;

Samsung SyncMaster SA350 21.5"
Sharktoon T9 Green Edition
i5-2500K 3.30GHz
HIS Radeon HD5770 1GB (soon to be MSI GTx 660 2GB Ice)
16GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM
500GB HDD (7200RPM)
Artic Pro 7 CPU Cooler
Gigabyte P67DS3-B3 Motherboard

Any answer's will be greatly apprecieted,

airbus319 (Jake)
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  1. You have a nice gaming rig right there mate :)

    Sometimes the motherboard temperature readings are wrong (why idk)... Are you sure that the CPU is at 90ºC? Put your hand near the processor (after taking out the cooler ofc) and see if you feel lots of heat irradiating from there... If there's a lot of heat, it might be your cooler that is malfunctioning or way too much voltage is being applied to the processor, making it overheat.
  2. Where do you see the temperatures? In the BIOS? Your system may be very slow if it throttles because the CPU is too hot. Why change your thermal paste so often? You should apply a very thin layer to fill the voids betwen the HSF and the CPU and then keep it for years or until you need to remove the HSF for whatver reason.
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