Two graphic cards.

Hi, I just bougt an asus notebook with a rubbish intel hd 4000 graphic card.

Altough I'm not much of a gamer i do want to add or replace the graphic card with a nvidia geforce gtx 650 or something in that range, but in the description of this card it says that it's not compatible with a notebook. is it possible to add the geforce card, giving me one notebook card aswell as a gaming card, or will i have to replace it? and if i do replace it, will my notebook still work?

Appriciate help :)
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  1. To add a new gpu to a laptop, you are going to have to get an external gpu which can be a hassle. You would have to get an external pci e 16 slot which is slightly expensive, you would also have to get an external psu for a desktop to run the card and thats how to use a desktop gpu in a laptop. Theres no way to get it internally.
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