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So, I've now had this case for, around 2 months, firstly, upon installing all components and then putting the side panel on, I noticed a mark/scratch on it, for which, wasn't coming off, little annoyed, given It cost $200 and I had already installed everything.

Now, It seems as if the 'Reset button' ink is running, It has pretty much completely faded, only letters that you can kind of recognize would probably the "R" and the T" both of which are only half complete, as I was a little confused, I ran my finger across the ink, gently, and the remaining ink just smudged across, I don't understand why this is even occurring, I am quite annoyed now given the price tag and how "dicky" it now looks.

Plus, on the subject, what exactly is the button layout below the reset button for, I mean, it's as if it was a button, but it's not, I don't see the use of even having it there, anyone know?

so yeah, I guess I am after peoples feedback regarding this case, I mean, everything else is great and all, but I did contact CM about it, and when It came to selecting the case in question, no 'Storm stryker / troopers' where even listed as an option, which seems weird.
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  1. Fellow Stryker owner here.
    The "button" below the reset is a holdover from the Storm Trooper which had an eSATA port in that position.
    Also, yes the ink on the reset button also wiped off very easily for me too. Doesn't bother me much though, still loving the case!
  2. Thanks for that :D

    CM offered to replace it entirely, but I don't wanna have to remove everything, also said they could replace the individual part, wonder how that'll work out lol
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