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I am looking for a new laptop that I can use for video editing. I have been told that apple mac is the best for this but they are out of my price range. I will be using adobe software. I have been looking at laptops with intel i5 and i7 processors and 6 or 8gb memory. I think I might be better with dedicated graphics but am struggling to understand whether an i5 with dedicated graphics will be as good as an i7 with integrated graphics. Can anyone advise me whether the LENOVA IDEAPADS are ok as I have found a couple on amazon that match my idea of what I think I need but I have not heard of LENOVA before. Also I am not sure exactly what to look for in the first place.
Thanks in advance for your advice. Margaret
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  1. I would say that having a dedicated graphics on an i5 processor compared to an i7 with integrated graphics will be a wiser decision if you are a gamer or has very demanding software that you need to use like video editing and rendering software. However if you'll just use the laptop for casual use like internet browsing, documents and watching movies and entertainment, the difference is nearly unnoticeable. Lenovo laptops are really good ones and durable IMO. For you needs, I could recommend you this [url=http://www.lmc.com.au/products/Notebooks_and_Laptops/Lenovo/582529/Lenovo_Edge_E531_[68853EM]_Intel_i7-3632QM]Lenovo Edge E531. It is equipped with an i7-3632QM processor, 8GB of RAM and 2 GB dedicated GeForce graphic card. It is around $1000 I guess but you could find a good deal of this in amazon, newegg or landmark computers.

    Thankyou for your advice and I will definitely look at purchasing an i5 or i7 with dedicated graphics. I feel reassured about the Lenova brand too.
    Such a quick response too :)
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