how can i change my fan speeds on my laptop?

I have a Toshiba satellite so using the bios is an instant no (because of the very limited adjustment available). so my problem is that at idle my laptop runs at 50c CPU temp and as soon as i run a game (euro trucker 2) it gets up to 90-110c and something tells me that aint good cos of the lag that comes when it gets over 80c
so what can i do to regulate the temperature of my laptop whether it be script or program and don't say speedfan because i know how to use that and it doesn't recognize the fan.
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  1. you could use smartfan, or msi afterburner. but the fan usually maxes out when underload, your best bet would be a cooling pad, you can get one at a local computer store, or a store like bestbuy. something like this
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