Motorola Ad Teases Customizable, U.S.-made Moto X Phone

The Moto X smartphone is expected to arrive the first week of August.

Motorola Ad Teases Customizable, U.S.-made Moto X Phone : Read more
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  1. The Goodle did say that they will focus on long usage time and durability. It will be interesting to see what that means when we are talkin about new Motorola phones!
    So, not having very bleeding edge flagship hardware in here is not an issue.
  2. Well, I got all excited, and then... I wasn't. If some of the hardware was customizable, I'd still be interested, but there are things in there that worry me, such as the sensor to tell if it's in a fast-moving car. That's probably going to be using GPS, and if it is, then it's going to be a constant drain on the battery.
  3. I'm not worried about the battery life aspect, but I absolutely hate it when devices decide that they're smarter than their users. This whole driving sensors thing screams of this.

    Take in-car navigation systems for example. The designers decided "hey the driver probably shouldn't be typing things in when they're driving," so they disable parts of the interface, but they never take into account that there may be someone who isn't driving that's using the nav system. Now to work around the poorly thought out restricts, I have to stop driving so that the passenger can update the nav route.

    If the Moto X phone decides that it's going to dumb down the UI when it's moving at speed, well what are the passengers going to do when all of their Moto Xs enter car mode?
  4. many people want to customize their phone?
    Looks like they wasted money on that Guy Kawasaki guy...that's what you get when you hire an internet marketing person to design a phone. And he copied Pentax's DSLR colors idea so it's not even that new :-P
  5. Made in Merica? Sorry, Will not support a bunch of redneck factory workers in the south.
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