Need help with choosing a gaming monitor

Hello everyone, I need a new monitor for gaming and after reading a lot on the internet I narrowed it down to 2 models:
-Benq xl2411t
-Asus VG248QE
From the specifications they look identical but the Asus is 70$ more so I think the Benq is the better one but since I havent seen them in reality I need help.
Is the Asus worth the 70$ over the Benq?
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  1. Asus since it has a 1ms response time, 144Hz, You can also get rid of motion blur with some few tweaks on the monitor. Plus I also have that monitor and its pretty good. I don't know how good the BenQ since i never owned on of there product ever.
  2. I am pretty sure that you can do the lightboost trick on the BenQ too. About the response times I think they are about the same. The only thing that worries me is if the BenQ has any backlight bleeding or if the colors are too bad.
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    BenQ is a well known maker of high quality gaming specific monitors. The model you picked also has a 1ms response time @120hz. Imho, the BenQ is the better deal, as refresh rates above 120hz would be hard for the human eye to distinguish from 120hz.
  4. As far as I know they both use the same panes which means they will be almost the same. Is that true?
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