Computer restarts while gaming thinking its either PSU or GPU

Hi everyone I have had this problem for a few months and is very intermittent, here are my specs first off.

MB: ASUS M5A97 AM3+ AMD 970

PSU: Rosewell Green Series RG630-#12 630W Continuous Bronze certified Single 12V Rail

RAM: 4x 4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 240 Pin 1600

CPU: AMD FX-6200 Zambezi 3.8GHz (4.1GHz Turbo) Socket AM3+ 125W Six-Core

GPU: EVGA GTX 660 2GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI-E 3.0

OS: Win 7 home premium 64bit

So I built this computer back in August of 2012 and it ran great with a Nvidia GTX 560 SE but around X-mas I decided to replace that with a GTX 660 listed above and that ran good playing various games for a bit but the first time I booted up Skyrim played for a while and then my computer just restarted. This freaked me out so I booted Skyrim up again to see if that was a one time thing and played for a good few hours and it never shut down.

I thought this was very odd and payed it no mind till It happened the following night and so on after that It would sometimes work fine, sometimes restart my PC within 5 minutes. I also get reboots messing around in the UDK just loading an example level or reboots in other Unreal Engine games like batman arkham city.

This doesn't happen in all games for example I can play Dishonored, FFXIV Reborn, Shogun 2 Total war, and many other games fine.

So what have I done to try and fix it? Well I check all my temps and those are all fine (CPU around 50 - 60 under load and GPU around 65 - 75 under load), no overclocking has been done not even to ram its all default. I turned off CPU turbo mode in my bios and ran memcheck with no errors after 3 passes. None of this worked on its own.

So last night I switched out my GTX 660 for my 560 SE and no restarts! So my question in the end is, would it be more likely that my graphics card is having problems or that my PSU maybe can't support the 660 as it is more power hungry or causing voltage spikes? Or is there something I am total missing?

Sorry for the wall of text or if this is in the wrong forum (first time poster!) thanks a bunch for the read/help if you have any.

P.S Let me know if I am missing some spec that is very crucial!
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  1. TBH i think your PSU is dying, or isn't working as well as it could. Try replacing it and use your 660 to test.
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