No Video Input - PC or Monitor Problem?

When I tried connecting 2 different monitors to the cpu, both had 'no video input' message. When I connect these 2 monitors to my notebook, both could show the images in the notebook. Logically it would mean the cpu would be the problem. However as I could hear the cpu boot up, the keyboard+mouse light on and all cables are connected properly, I wish to double-check is there a possibility that the monitors are not working but just able to mirror the images in the notebook cause it's driven by the notebook power?- please explain why yes or no to this. So is it definitely the pc problem? Much tks
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  1. Wait what do you mean you tried connecting it to the CPU? Unless I didn't know that these two were the same do you mean VGA output if that's the case you might just need a new video driver they are quite easy to install. I know the monitors are not defective because it worked while connected to your notebook. Get back to me on this BTW the VGA output looks like a upside down trapezoid with 15 pin holes it may be right side up but mine happens to be upside down. I need to know if You are connecting it to a VGA port or not
  2. Tripple Nickles:
    I had connected my 2 monitors each in turn via their vga port to the vga port of the cpu which resulted in 'no video input' messages. Realizing that the vga in built in the cpu might be overriden by its nvidia graphics card, I then tried to find a dvi to vga adapter to connect the monitors vga port to the graphics card's dvi port via a vga cable. Again there was a 'no video input' messages on both monitors. I then bought a new (24+5) male to vga female adapter similar in connection to the old one except it look shorter in length. This time it's even worst with 'no vga cable connection' messages on both monitors despite checking that the connection were fine. My friend who gave me the cpu said he tested just b4 delivering it to me and it was fine (always been using monitor connected to the nvidia graphics card dvi port) and he had connected to monitors with only vga connection via such adaptors b4 and it worked fine. What could be the problem this time? The sound of the cpu seems fine - headache...HELP!
  3. Wow confusion....
    Okay you said your friend had the card before he gave it to you so I'm guessing it worked fine while he had it hooked up to his PC. Now i can assume that the CPU is the problem the problem may be that the invida card is not compatible with your PC OR the port you connect to the the driver to is damaged i keep going on about drivers because that's the problem may need to replace the driver. Im sorry if this is not making sense long story short PC is the problem
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