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So I recently adjusted my GPU clock on EVGA Precision X and my pc almost immediately went into a display device failure. Sometimes it recovers but every time I open Precision X again or the device manager to reset my video card, the PC goes to a black screen and nothing happens and then it goes to a blue screen and says its restarting but windows never loads. Need help.

NVidia 9800gt gpu
Intel core 2 quad q9400 2.66ghz
6 gb RAM
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  1. By "adjusted my GPU clock", what do you mean? Overclock I'm assuming. I've read that Precision X can be glitchy. Do you have the most up to date Nvidia drivers and current version of Precision X? I've also read that some folks had problems if Precision X boots WITH Windows. If you have it set to boot with Windows, turn it off and restart. If everything is working, try opening Precision X. If it still black screens, Precision X has to go. Try MSI Afterburner. Hope that helps.
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