Should I upgrade this 3-year-old PC or get a new one?

Hello guys, it's nice to be here! I have this:

CPU: Core i7 860
M/B: Intel DH55TC
RAM: 8GB PC1333
GPU: Asus 5750 1GB
HDD: 1TB 5400RPM
PSU: Corsair 550W

I had to play Far Cry 3 on 720p to get low 30s framerates with Very High quality. I am thinking of a GTX 760 and a 60GB SSD in order to play games decently. Or should I get a new one? I would appreciate your ideas and suggestions. Thanks!
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  1. if you are tight on money, just upgrade it. the 7870 is currently on sale for $165

    but if you have like a thousand dollars on hand, build a new one
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    The thing is if you wish to upgrade, you need to take in consideration bottlenecking. Bottlenecking is the state where a certain piece of hardware drags down the whole potential of your computer. Thus if you wish to upgrade your graphics card, you will have to upgrade your CPU and your PSU in order to keep up to the new hardware you installed. But, since you changed both CPU and PSU and your GFX you should probably upgrade your whole system.

    If you are indeed tight on money, just lower your graphics... it always helps. Even if you are not running at maximum setting, do you prefer smooth game with decent graphics or low FPS but beautiful game? So the ball is in your camp now. Cheers
  3. Buy a nice heatsink and overclock the crap out of the CPU, and a 7850 or 7870 would be a good investment to hold you over until you can replace the rest of the system.
  4. HDD: 1TB 5400RPM

    Did you choose the 5400RPM Hard Drive? Because most are 7200RPM.

    I vote for a new video card. Do you have preference of nVidia or AMD(Radeon)?
  5. If anything mate, if you change 1 piece on your rig, you'll be bottlenecked by your other components. Final answer: Full Change.
  6. Wow, thanks for all the replies! On the HDD choice, back in the day I was interested in a quiet PC, so I thought less RPM, less noise. I may have been wrong. I consider upgrading mainly because I think that the 860 still has some juice to squeeze. So, like I said, I may put in a mid range GPU like the GTX 760. I'm not particularly worried about money but I wouldn't like to throw it out of the window either.
  7. GTX 760 from Nvidia is not a Mid Range GPU.... its a high range. But you have the final decision here, we are only but consultants.
  8. There is no downside to a GTX 760, since you can just drop it in your new rig in the future.
  9. It will be a downside if you put it in your Computosaurus-Res xD It wont be to its full potential, although the promise of keeping it for a futur rig is good, i stand by my opinion, wait for full change if you are going to change your GPU with a CPU that old
  10. On the Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart the 860 is in tier 3. That is why I thought it not to be useless! It is going to be a tough decision...
  11. oh shit i read i5 .... my bad hahaha
  12. I had to play Far Cry 3 on 720p to get low 30s framerates with Very High quality.

    >> Can you really tell the difference between Very High and High quality?
  13. Did you try Medium?....To get higher framerates?
  14. Usually I want to see the highest detail settings possible. But with the last crop of games (2012-2013) I manage this on 1366x768 or even worse on 1280x720. I have a 1920x1080 monitor but I would be completely happy to play e.g. Tomb Raider on Ultimate quality on 1600x900. I hope this gives you an idea of my expectations!
  15. Oh so you want eye candy.... I cant help with that.
  16. I have an i7 920, 8gb ram and 580sli... I get 90fps in Battlefield 3 with mixed settings ( between Very high and Ultra) Far Cry 3 looks amazing on this on the highest settings
    I would say if you need to do a quick upgrade for now, go with a good video card you can afford that is good value for money, I think the 770s are atm... ( making sure you power supply can handle it) and then wait a little longer and save for the next gen of Mobo/CPU... I keep wanting to upgrade my Mobo/CPU but atm it is not needed ( wanted yes, but not needed).
    Keep looking at the $500, $1000, $1500 build guides these guys do.. It will give you a good idea for upgrades or replacement.
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