Too many options I need help settling on a final build.

I'm building a new desktop to replace my 5 year old desktop that's starting to show its age. Its main use will be for gaming, I spend most of my time playing MMO's like SWTOR, GW2 as well as FPS's for a change of pace. I'm going for the best bang for my buck, future proofing and solid OCing features would be great, I'm not worried about the latest and greatest. The motherboard is where I'm having the hardest time settling on which one to get.

The build I'm looking at so far is:

The stuff above I'm 95% settled on but I'm open to any suggestions, like I said already I'm looking for the best bang for my buck I don't need the latest and greatest.

The Motherboards I'm currently looking at are:

The price range I'm going for is ideally around 200 but willing push it up to 300 for a board that has a lot of extra features.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out.
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  1. Added a few updates to my build, at this point looks like I'm going to wait for the ASUS MAXIMUS VI FORMULA, still hoping for some opinions on this though.
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