My CD/DVD ROM wont read disk

My CD/DVD ROM wont scan disk it started two days ago i was trying to format a unused disk for backup storage it was formatting for 1hr it has never done that so i tried to use google chrome to pass the time but it wouldnt click it wouldnt even select it with the right mouse button i tried on several other programs nothimg worked i came to the dission that it had froze in a weird way and shut it down by holding the power button iv tried alot of different methods to fix it iv reinstalled it 3 times updated it and checked for viruses the computer knows its still connected and will show it if i open windows explorer and click computer it shows it but even with a disk in it will say "please insert disk into drive E:" i am currently trying to play Oblivion and the disk is unscrached and worked 5mins before i tried to format the unused disk
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  1. buy a new one they are like $15
  2. WAD said:
    buy a new one they are like $15

    ya i could but whoever made my computer made it so the back wont come off like it was glued or something (yes i took the screws out) trust me i tried to open it and ended up bending the lower left corner witch bugs me i dont want to completly destroy the back of it to put in a new CD/DVD ROM
    its a laptop by the way i forgot to mention that
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