which is the next best processor from the i5 2500k (in terms of performance)

Hi Guys

I have had problems ordering an i5 2500k, at a reasonable price.
I ordered one from WAEPlus for £157 incl P&P. After three weeks of no show i contacted them and was informed that they no longer have it in stock and they wont be getting it back in. Oh how nice of them to let me know sooner!!!!

So....im not willing to pay more than £165 for an i5 2500k as im seeing a lot of higher spec cpus falling in price.

What would be the next best cpu up from the i5 2500k?

i compose music (a lot of orchestral) and so stream from ssd drives and the processor works a lot of plugins.

much thanks
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  1. Mahisse said:

    Yeah, a 3570k is a much better CPU. 10£ is nothing when you compare two different generation CPUs
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