Upgrade Options - GPU/RAM/SSD or everything?


My system is a couple years old and I'm thinking about upgrading and looking for some advice. Here's what I have right now:
AMD Phenom II X6 1090
8gb DDR3 1600 RAM
2x Radeon 6870's in Crossfire
700W PSU

I was considering a completely new system. I know intel would beat my old AMD hands down but with with Haswell focusing it seems on power consumption I'm hoping intel comes out with a new chipset next year that will be a good step up from their 3rd Gen chips and I'll upgrade my complete system then.

So, I was thinking about adding another 8gb of RAM and installing an SSD for windows and a game or two. I could upgrade my GPU to a couple of GTX 560's. Best I can get with my current mobo PCI 2.0.

I primarily play games. I play BF3 almost exclusively. Few others but BF3 stresses the system most. I'll be getting BF4 when it comes out as well.

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  1. I need to know a couple of things if i may. :
    1. What is your budget? That is the most important thing.
    2. And what parts specifically do you need to replace? CPU? Mobo? GPU? RAM? Please mention them here.
  2. Another 8gb of ram wouldnt do anything for you.
    An ssd would be nice, but its not a neccessity. I would probably buy a nice single gpu, one that would be future proof, so you can carry that over to your intel build you want to do in the future.
  3. Had no idea 3.0 was backwards compatible...

    Do you think my bottleneck is my video card?

    Main thing I guess I was wonderingis whether the CPU is really holding me back at all? If it's not then I absolutely won't upgrade that for another year probably. A new GTX 770 or 780 might be a good choice and then SLI a second when I get an intel chip...
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