IdeaPad Y500 or Y410p

Should I get the IdeaPad Y500 Laptop - 59371972 or the IdeaPad Y410p Laptop - 59369921 . The Y500 has a i7-3630QM cpu while the Y410p has a i7-4700MQ (which is where I'm unsure which is better). Both have an NVIDIA GeForce GT750M GDDR5 2GB, and the Y500 has an extra 16GB SSD. Prices are close enough so they aren't a factor. I'll be using the laptop for college and gaming.
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  1. I'll say go for the Y500 because of the 16GBSSD and 1920*1080 screen. i7 4600mq is only marginally better than 3630qm and wouldn't be visible in real life performances.
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