Need advice for my new computer please! (first time DIY guy here) gaming/video render build

New Computer (First Time!) (updated parts list)

That's my build, like I said...I'm VERY new to all of this so if anyone could help me out with any tips or compatibility issues, or even cost saving tips I missed would be extremely grateful.

The only major hitches I came across while designing this build were:

1. Choosing between RAM types

2. Wondering about the motherboard and if it will last me a few years to come

3. Do I need to purchase an aftermarket insert for a wired internet connection? I couldn't find any information about an integrated piece.

4. Finally, with this specific case that I chose...the ASRock motherboard I chose has a front facing USB 3.0 port and part picker alerted me that the case has no option to utilize that feature. Not sure if that would give me any issues with putting the motherboard in, or if it simply means I have a wasted usb port on it.

I plan to play World of Warcraft, Total War, and League of Legends while recording/streaming video (depends on the mood I'm in) for my Twitch and Youtube accounts.

Oh, sorry if I misplaced this thread or didn't format my questions correctly. I don't usually ask for help with DIY projects...but for something like this, I would love any help I can get.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. get a 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram, it would be enough. u won't need more than 8gb for gaming. if u plan to do SLI/Xfire in future then get the psu u listed otherwise a corsair CX600W would be enough. and get an aftermaket cpu cooler like cooler master hyper 212 EVO.
    Otherwise everything is fine.
  2. here's the link to the cpu cooler:

    the motherboard which u have listed doesn't have a good power phase, get something like Asrock 990fx Extreme 4, it has 8+2 power phase design or something cheaper and among the 970's like the msi 970A-G46

    that is a link to the video card I am planning on getting, the price didn't reflect in the parts picker website so I manually put it in there. I read this card is on it's way out but since its capable of overclocking it should be more than enough and it SEEMS like a badass bargain, 40% off? curious as to what you guys think on this deal.

    also, I updated the CPU cooler, and motherboard. The 990fx you suggested was actually on a very good sale so I added that onto my build.

    to respond to your comment on the PSU and RAM, I was reading that 8gb is cutting it close for 1080p video rendering or streaming while I'm if I can get a confirmation that 1080p streaming while playing works fine with 8gb of RAM I would gladly downgrade it but I just don't want a huge FPS cut if I can help it. I also was hoping to get a larger PSU in hopes it will last me many years for the beast that I hope to obtain someday. My plan is every black friday/cyber monday to upgrade at least one part :) just looking for something that can stand up to the challenge.
  4. any last advice before I pull the trigger? i've got all of the parts ready to buy, just triple checking everything. (sorry if i'm being pesty, just really want to make sure everything is right)
  5. yup, that's a good card but at that price u can get a gtx760 4gb ddr5 which is better than the hd7950. the gtx760 2gb is also better than the hd7950 in most of the games and is only 249$. But if u can spend a little more, u can get a hd7970 at 330$ which would be worth the money and better than all of these.
    well, 8g is enough for gaming and streaming and if u think that u will need more 8/4 gigs after using the current one, then get the extra gigs in near future. The psu is perfect and would be enough if u plan to do SLI/Xfire in future. Here's the link to the hd7970 and the gtx760(2gb and 4gb):
    2.gtx 760(2gb)-
    3.gtx 760(4gb)-

    I took your advice on the video card and a few other tweaks as well. This is my final build with all of my sale hunting, combo deal hunting, I squeezed as much as I could out of this build.

    In order to trim some costs, I found two VERY good deals:

    the cpu cooler (I don't plan on heavy overclocking, and if I do, I got the corsair case with the slot on top for the radiator liquid cooling for down the road)

    the power supply (cooler master seems pretty solid right? with the discount and combo deal it wound up being $15 for the PSU for a 600 watt from a name brand)

    I stuck with the two 8gb sticks of vengeance pro (with newegg subscriber discount) that way down the road when I upgrade my RAM I can just pick up two more sticks and not have to worry about my RAM (ex. if I bought two 4gb sticks, I could only upgrade to 16gb with this motherboard in the future and if I wanted to go 32gb in a few years I would have to scrap the 4x4gb sticks and buy 4x8gb which would be a lot more expensive, so I'll take the $30 or so hit now to avoid a $100+ hit down the road)

    Oh and you'll notice my HDD space, a big sale and a double combo deal on those 2tb drives got me about 4tb of space for $150 (after paired discounts) and with the 1080p video rendering I plan on using xsplit and dxtory so it should fill up a TON of space before I compress it down (I was reading something crazy like 30gb for 15minutes un-compressed video in 1080p with programs like dxtory and fraps). I figured to be safe, spend the extra money while they are on sale and coupled with the discounts on stuff I was already purchasing rather than down the road realize I need more and have to splurge on them.

    (minor update, due to case change [last one was black w/red LEDs + fans, new is white w/blue LED + fans, changed the k70 black brushed aluminum w/red LED backlight to a k70 with bare aluminum and blue LED backlight, no cost difference just cosmetic)

    The video card looks great, thanks so much for that oversight on my part. If you think I'm messing up or cheaping out on anything let me know please! Like I said, PSU and CPU cooler are temporary until I need to upgrade my system...if they will work I will just use them until I find a beast cooler system on sale or a solid 750w psu and give these to my friend, he will be happy. :)

    I appreciate the feedback very much!
  7. well if u want to do SLI/xfire in future then i would recommend u a corsair HX750W psu and the cpu cooler(CM Hyper 212 EVO). u won't need more than 16gb of ram in future even if u do editng/CAD e.t.c and 8gb is enough for gaming, so don't worry about that. But if u want a good psu for now,then get the CX600W as i recommended earlier and u would be fine but i would recommend u to get the HX750W so that u need not have to upgrade ur psu in near future, same as for the cpu cooler. u may upgrade to 16gb ram in future. If u need lot of space, then get the 4TB otherwise get a 2TB. u have done a solid build and it would last u long,if possible get the HX750W if u plan to do SLI/Xfire in future.
  8. 8 gigs of Ram is more than enough. Other than that, it looks great!
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