For Over $3000, HTC One Comes in Gold and Platinum

GoldGenie encases the HTC One in gold or platinum. SIM unlocked and Beats audio earphones thrown in to sweeten the deal.

For Over $3000, HTC One Comes in Gold and Platinum : Read more
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  1. When I click on the image to zoom in, all it does it open up a new page of the same article.
  2. ^thats toms for ya
  3. Meh........Gold's not like it's solid gold
  4. @lp231
    Ya, that is one of those things. News is always a few days late to the punch, and images you click through to are often smaller than the pic on the article page. But the in depth reviews are often amazing, which makes up for all of that.
    Welcome to Tom's
  5. If only they paired it with actual good sounding earphones. Ugh. Call me a hipster but beats aren't just mainstream, they also suck compared to what you can get at the same prices.
  6. Meh, this site was great until this new overhaul took over and now almost everything doesn't work.
    And I believe this is the 2nd or 3rd redesign? Yeah because there was one time when every old school member had a join date of 1970. Well, I didn't even exist during that time, since my parents would have still been in Junior High!

    $3200 with wooden box, take away wooden box and that phone price slashes in half.
  7. Oh dear I lost my phone ! lol
  8. When I lost my HTC One after only 2 days I almost cried...can't imagine what you would do if you lost the gold one! If you haven't already, install Androidlost!!
  9. WTH! i clicked the picture i didn't know its the shortcut got right click, Open to New Tab
  10. I wouldnt buy a phone made out of softer metals I would want mine out of titanium, tungsten carbide, magnesium alloys or some carbon fiber (carbon-titanium fiber) that is far more appealing to me say you could keep the price under 8 and you would be golden lol
  11. What a stupid waste of resources.
    I'd prefer we base our technology on synthetic materials with far superior properties that we have the ability to produce in sustainable abundance and ecological balance in mind. Injecting latest science into the picture and state of the art methods of production (both of which are 60 to 100 years ahead of anything we presently use), we wouldn't be able to recognize ourselves from a technological point of view.

    Only in Capitalism do you see usage of rare Earth materials for idiocy such as this - especially since we had the ability to produce superior synthetic derivatives.
    And for what? For some fictional notion of 'status' that is apparently only relevant in the minds of psychopaths that cling to an outdated way of doing things.
    But then again, the socio-economic system is based on artificially induced scarcity and doesn't work for betterment of Human lives - so this is exactly the kind of garbage (both in technology and resource waste) you can expect.
  12. And the first thing you do after purchasing is throw on a case so you don't shatter the screen on the first fall.
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