Need suggestions on new pc parts.

Hello, I have 300 bucks and I'm no good at saving money...
I'm looking to buy a new processor, motherboard and if possible, a LAN case and some new ram. At the moment I have:

Radeon HD7750
300gb HDD
400w Power Supply
4 gigs of ddr3 1600 ram
Crappy dvd reader
Old crap micro atx case with 1 fan (I've never put the side panel on it)
Old pc parts...

I was looking at the A10-6800k APU along with a micro atx mb (no idea what one is best for the money) I would like at least 1 usb 3.0 and ddr 1833 support. Id like to crossfire the Apu with my 7750 (no money to spend on gpu) is there any better ideas?

Oh also, Its mainly going to be a gaming rig, I want to play Gw2, CoD, MineCraft and hopefully games for the next yearish... I do not want to wait or save more, I'll end up handing this pc down to my lil bro within the next year or two...
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  1. For $300? You could go with an i5-3330 and an MSI Z77A-G41, but it would perform terribly due to your GPU not being good enough to support your CPU.
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