Issue with thread tracking please help me

I've posted in over 250 threads but today when I clicked on my tracked threads it showed only 11 threads and that too old ones.
Why this this happening?...This is the second time I am experiencing an issue with thread tracking. Is there some problem with the site.

I also have another problem..
In my badges section. It shows that I have made 5/5 progress for the cpus expert badge. But then why am I not being granted the badge ???

I would urge to the moderators to please help me out...
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  1. The second part I've seen before - if the tags get added after the BA is awarded, it doesn't go through. Answer another thread.

    Are you sure you don't have "unread answers only" ticked?
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    From a month ago, you need 6 BAs for a badge that requires 5, 21 for a badge that requires 20 and so on. Have nothing to do with when was the tag got added. Not sure if a feature, or a bug.
  3. Really? OK, must have been that I went through re-tagging threads I'd answered, and hit 20 but it didn't badge me until a while later.

    (and yes, those threads were entirely legit, I just wanted the new version of badge from the old forum.)
  4. Ikr? Everyone got hyped with the new badges :lol:
  5. Thanks maddess and someone somewhere for responding to my second ques.
    What about my first and most important ques...If you guyzz can help me out then I will give the B.A
  6. Can you post a picture? And have you tried to relog your account?
  7. Madn3ss795 said:
    Can you post a picture? And have you tried to relog your account?

    If I try to relog...I might lose this thread as well....Anyways I'll try once..

    And BTW Thanks for the first one, I got the badge after getting 6/5 progress...
  8. Did the "read threads" tab show the rest?
  9. Madn3ss795 said:
    Did the "read threads" tab show the rest?

    Nops they just showed the threads which I had read but not answered..
  10. Is there no one who can help me ? Any moderator?
    Please help me...
  11. Please help me.....I urge to a moderator to please see into this matter....PLEASE..
  12. Thanks everyone the issue went away on its own.....I will give madness the BA for helping me out with the second ques...
  13. As mentioned in pm ayushde, glad this issue was resolved for you! :)
  14. jpishgar said:
    As mentioned in pm ayushde, glad this issue was resolved for you! :)

    Thanks a lot BTW.....:)
  15. I have a similar problem. Threads I have answered seem to not be being tracked, even if I hit "Track this thread".
    Also, when I get a notification and go to the page, the notification won't go away. I have to hit "Mark all as read".

    These both started happening at the same time (yesterday), so I think they're connected.

    So do you just wait and it will fix itself? Or does a moderator have to do something?
  16. My guess is it's taking time to catch up.
  17. Tracking should be good now, but notifications might take a bit of time to catch up. Additionally, devs are currently looking into a few issues related to this, including a problem clearing notifications. Shouldn't be too long before all the dust is cleared out and the technical hiccups here are rectified. Apologies again for the temporary inconvenience, guys.

  18. It's fixed now. I know what you mean, I do some programming myself. Those tiny little bugs are the worst!
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