Pc Problem, it shut itself down after 5-10 seconds after starting it up.

My computer suddenly shut itself off and restart after around 5-10 seconds when i turn the power on, there is no beeping sound or anything it just powers up and after a few seconds it shuts itself down and power itself up again until i pull out the power cord or turn the psu off.

components: MSI P67A-GD65 B3, Socket-1155, i5-2500 cpu, ram 4 gb ( xms3 corsair) the psu is a silver power 850 w , i just tested the psu on my mother's pc and it works fine.
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  1. You aren´t able to get to bios?
  2. nope nothing:(
  3. tried to pull out one memmory stick
  4. memory stick, you mean ram card? then yeah i started it up with only motherboard and cpu and same thing happens
    btw you know any more forums that i could go to and ask?
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